Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's been a LONG time...

Well, as I log onto by long forgotten and "dusty" blog the only thing that come to mind is...
It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we began
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again.
I apologize for my lengthy hiatus. I really have no excuse other than I was being lazy. Life got away from me and bad habits started forming. {Insert dislike button} I made a promise to myself to change some things and to "re-start" some of the things I have always loved. One of the things that I did miss during my "lazy day" hiatus was blogging. I appreciate all of the emails asking if everything was okay. Thank you for being patient and understanding. There really is no excuse for my lack of blogging because I have been an instagram posting fool for quite some time. You can follow me on instagram @MrsFresh2o (I love the simplicity of posting my pictures and boom I'm done.)
Well, enough about my laziness. Today, I am starting "fresh". I just updated my attention grabbers. You snag this freebie by clicking on the image to download.
I love using attention grabbers and cheers in my classroom.
Back in 2009, I had the privilege to attend a Dr. Jean professional development in Nashville, TN.
I love me some Dr. Jean!!! Such a sweet lady!!!
Well, one of my favorite things throughout her presentation was the on going "cheers"! I was captivated with her wealth of knowledge and her ideas. Recently, I was re-introduced to those famous cheers. I updated the pictures to feature those adorable melonheadz from my sweet friend Nikki!!! I just uploaded this freebie to my TPT shop. Hop on over and download it!!
I know I can't wait to start using them again in my classroom.
All you need to do is print, laminate and add to a ring.


I'm Back!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

50th Day of School

One of my favorite days of the school year is the 50th Day!

 I think I should have been born in the 50’s, well maybe it’s my love for the movie “Grease”.
This year we had a normal day of learning, but our afternoon was "rockin'!!
Our math Skill stations were all based around the number 50!
We did a plethora of 50’s theme activities from the following ladies:
(Click on their name to go to their product)
Here is a glimpse at a few activities:
Greater Than/ Less Than Records
All About the Number 50 Booklets
Records By 5's
Count, Tally, and Graph
 Doubles Facts

Rollin' Our Way to 50
We made these cuties from First Grade Fever

I made a jukebox for the kid’s to pose in front of for their 50th Day of School Photo. I sent home a note and stated the kid's could dress up for the 50th day! They were too precious for words!!


For a little movement activity we did
 Barbara Ann (Just love that the scene is a soda shop!!)
 along with the famous Hand Jive

Till next year….

Centers Galore and a whole lot more

The school year seems to be flying by… I can’t believe it is November already. Before you know it…It’ll be summer again and my feet will be loving “flip flop” season. Well, I have to admit, I am becoming a “boot” lover too!! Have you been to Marshall’s lately? Boots Galore and so much more. I get sucked into the boot display every time. Well, enough about shoes. I could have an entire blog devoted to them!!

My firsties are really doing amazing during our skill station rotations (a.k.a centers)!! I complete two different skill stations daily- one 30 minute session for literacy and another 30 minute rotation for math.  My kiddos work with their table partners for centers, but I call back my leveled groups during. (For example student A,B,C,and D may be working on Literacy Station A but only student C leaves first, then student A & D, then finally student B for leveled Reading group time). I know this sounds confusing, but it really does work.

At the beginning of my skill stations, I was only making one set of cards and quickly realized this was NOT going to work with the students coming and going into the center activity. I solved the problem rather quickly. I opted to print multiple pages at a time (4 pages per sheet). This allows me to make mini center cads. I print them onto 5 different colors of cardstock, cut, and put them into snack size baggies. (See Below)

 I store my centers in Ikea Trofast tubs!! I have to admit, I am obsessed with these systems. I just wish they made the black in a few more styles and options!

Here is a pic of my skill station set-up (Excuse the mountain dew- some days are rough with those firsties!)

I have just begun to make my Long Vowel Word Work Centers! I have A, I, O and U completed!! E will be up soon!

Click on the image below to check them out!



Last week, we worked on our Veteran’s Day Tribute. We learned all about Veteran’s Day and completed a fun craftivity. I posted an image on instagram and my email started blowing up. I promise to have a pattern posted soon as a freebie on my tpt store. This was a labor of love!! My kiddos adore painting so it was definitely worth the mess.

Step One: Sponge Painting

Step Two: Assembly

Step Three: Attach Writing

Step Four: Display for Veteran’s Day Tribute

My mom even loved these cuties and used them for her Woman’s Club Placemats. Thanks Mom!!

I hoped the ladies loved them!!

Always, Melissa

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Long Vowel Centers

Hey Everyone!! Hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful fall weather. I have been trying to get things in order and figure out when my feet are going to start touching the ground.
I have been working diligently with my kiddos to help them learn the basic phonics skills. We have just wrapped up our first unit and I was exciting to see the results from their unit assessment. (I was ecstatic with their results!!) All of our hard work definitely paid off! Now we are heading into unit two digraphs and long vowels. I began centers pretty early on and wanted a “fresh” new look for my long vowel centers. I have decided to begin making products again after a mini hiatus. (Thank you all for blowing up my email and inbox. Your sweet comments and pleas have been quite overwhelming. I apologize for the delay, but I am back and ready to start cranking out some first grade goodies for you and your students!)
I just finished two Long Vowel Center Packets
Long A
Let’s make a cake

Here is a sneak peek:

This packet includes 5 different activities. to use to reinforce long a. The packet includes colored and b/w cards ( I like to print my b/w cards onto colored paper to save ink!) The packet also includes theme style recording sheets and keys. The skills covered: ABC Order, Word Scramble, Fill in the Blank, Long vs. Short Sort, and Word Order (Sentence Activity)

Long I
It’s Time to Ride

This packet includes 6 different activities. to use to reinforce long i. The packet includes colored and b/w cards ( I like to print my b/w cards onto colored paper to save ink!) The packet also includes theme style recording sheets and keys. The skills covered: ABC Order, Word Scramble, Fill in the Blank, Long vs. Short Sort, Real vs. Nonsense, and Boggle Boards.
Here is a sneak peek:

Coming Soon Long e and u
Always, M
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