Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello There!!!

Hey y’all. Hope all is well! It has been quite busy around here but I figured it was time for me to rejoin the blogging world. So many “new” things are happening and I am so excited to share some things with you.

First off let me say thank you all for the sweet messages. You guys really know how to fill a girls bucket. I know many of you follow me on instagram. You can follow me @mrsfresh2o (Just click the pick below) I have to admit I have been cheat blogging through instagram. Image result for instagram

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to reality. As many of you know I moved to first grade. This year, we adopted a new reading and language arts program. I have to admit that’s where I’ve been. Oh my word…I have been trying to get my feet to hit the ground, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

I have been creating weekly spelling activities. We are using the Journeys Spelling and Grammar, but as a team we decided we needed to assess on more than six (6) words every week, so we worked together and added a few more skill words to compile a list of fourteen (14) words for each skills. Here is a small glimpse of a few activities. It seems as the units grew so did the activities I created. I posted Lessons 1-22 on my TPT site individually and bundled the units too. I will be uploading lessons 23-30 as I create them. So if you are currently using the Journey’s Reading Program, you may want to check these out!
Well, I’m off to create some dental activities for my kiddos next week. Hard to believe February is almost gone. Oh I forgot about my surprise…Stay tuned for details!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Apples Galore

One of my favorite back to school units is apples. I normally try to save this for the last week of September to complete a cross-curriculum unit, plus have some cute stuff ready for our yearly Open House. This year, our open house fell on September 30th so it was perfect timing.

To begin our apple applicious fun, I start by sending home a permission slip. I know our district and state are very finicky about food.

Apple Testing PermissionWe always begin with the “great” apple investigation. This year after completing the investigation, we make a cute art project after learning about the different parts of an apple. This was a quick and easy craft. I whipped a template up and ran it off on red, green, and yellow paper.


Our first taste test, was the apple variety test. I always buy red delicious, golden delicious and granny smith. I make an oversized chart to correlate with my freebie which you can find here.

original-336185-1[1]IMG_1240I whipped up these apples after I couldn’t find our apple ellison die cut in the school. I searched for three days and finally gave up. I actually liked how these came out with the brown stem and green leaf!

IMG_1239I sliced the apples using my handy dandy apple slicer from pampered chef! I love that thing!! I don’t know how I ever survived before with out it! I gave each student a small plate with each apple variety on it! After completing the sampling, I urged each student to select their favorite apple variety.  They wrote their name on the apple and glued it on the correct tree. We completed our data sheets to correlate with our results.

IMG_1242IMG_1241The above sheets can be found in my freebie above. 

Next, we did a sampling of apple juice and apple cider. This is always the funniest. I am shocked how many firsties have never had apple cider. 

IMG_1245 IMG_1246

For our final apple food project, we made applesauce. I simply cut up all the apples we have left, add a small amount of apple cider and let it cook on low for several hours.


We did several data sheets for our apple activities. I simply shrink some of the sheets down to go along with an idea I had for an open house project.  I used some sheet from Reagan’s cute Apple Science and an idea from Mrs. Kamp from a second grade project I did several years ago.

IMG_1263 IMG_1265 IMG_1267 IMG_1268

I love art projects and I adore directed drawings, especially by precious firsties. This was such an easy “first” directed drawing activity and I was super proud of my first graders and their drawing talents. Here is a sample of a few.

IMG_1277 IMG_1275

Our outside wall is all ready for open house!!

IMG_1273Well, another open house is in the books! Our next project will be learning all about the seasons and Christopher Columbus!!! Going to prep for the game!! Go Vols!!!

Spell It Out

Hey y’all. Hope everyone is well! It is a rainy and quite chilly Saturday her in the Ohio Valley, but I am trying to stay productive. I am finishing up another Spell It Out Pack and getting ready to watch my VOLS!!

My school just adopting a new reading program, but we needed some help with spelling and grammar since we didn’t adopt a program to cover all the curriculum for RLA. Our upper grades adopted Houghton Mifflin Journeys so we did utilize as much as we could. I personally found the journey’s spelling units to be quite lacking. (How in the world do you test kids on six words?) This caused me to “think” about how I was going to implement and teach spelling with no material. After creating a personalized list of words with the help of several great minds, was had the basics… a word list. Immediately, I knew I had to do something pretty quick to help my firsties learn the key skills they would need to become better readers and writers. I started creating activities to correlate with the word lists and some centers to help reinforce the spelling skill for the week.

Introducing SPELL IT OUT!!

original-2116416-1[1] original-2115121-1[1] original-2128293-1[1]

This new series gives you a list of skill words, supplemental sheets to use in class or for homework and center activities to assist during your literacy skill stations.

The printable pages include
A Word List
ABC Order
Word Search
Shape Boxes
Fill in the blank
Word Sort
Word Scramble
Spelling Test Sheet

Center Activities Include
ABC Order
Word sort
Fill in the blank
Unscramble the word

short e

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Keeping track of it all!

Keeping track of it all... How do you keep track of your kiddos behavior in your classroom?? I use a daily agenda to help keep parents informed of the weekly happenings in the classroom. For a few years, I used a front and back version.  image image

This had a place for our weekly spelling words, a spot for the daily behavior earned, notes, signature spot, and a weekly happenings. A few years ago,Ladybug's Teaching Files do an awesome post about how she color coded her library. As soon as I saw the colored dots, a light bulb immediately went off and I knew this was the perfect solution to my  problem. Prior to finding the "colorful dots", I used these groovy colored peace stickers from teacher created resources in their daily agendas!!! Peace Signs Mini Stickers Valu-Pak Image

Well, lets just say I was constantly buying new packs because I was running out of green (yikes! $$$$$)  I stuck a colored dot and added a number code to the behavior section.


This helped me track daily behaviors, but also informed parents as to why their little angel earned that color for the day. I am a promoter of you need to take ownership of your wrong doing. (You did it- then own it was one of my famous lines my kiddos heard. One thing that troubles me is when a child “thinks” they do not have to follow the rules and guidelines.

Well, after a little bit of searching, I finally found all of the colors I needed to make these magical dots work with my classroom behavior management. I even found a nifty holder!!

dot it labels

(I am truly IN LOVE!!!!)

The company was amazing to work with and I had my products in a few days.

Well, as they say… all good things must come to an end. This past year, my school purchased spiral bound agendas for every child. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would adapt. (Change is not my favorite word!!) Even though, it was not “my agenda” that I was used to, it worked!!

agenda new agenda new full page

PS What’s up next… I will be showing you my clip charts and my certificates!!!

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