Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Activities Posted

Hi Everyone- I have been busy creating some new activities. I just posted the following on my teacherspayteachers site.

Bang Site Word Game:

To Play: Play word cards into container. Students can either pull one card out at a time or I like to add a die to  the game and students roll and choose that many cards. They read the word(s) aloud. If a BANG card is pulled out, the player must put all of their cards back into the container.  Students continue until all of the cards have been pulled out.

Fast Food Theme Math Center Activities:
Orders Up: Count the items on the cards and clip clothespin to the correct number. Cards range from 1-20. (10 pages)

Ordinal Number Match-up: Students clip clothespin on correct position of the food. Great reinforcement activity for 1st thru 10th. (5 pages)

Biggest to Smallest & Smallest to Largest. Print images out and give students a large piece of construction paper. Instruct them to cut out images and arrange them in order from either biggest to smallest or smallest to largest. (2 pages)

Tally Count: This clothespin activity reinforces tally marks. Students must count the food and mark the correct number of tally marks. (3 pages)

Tally Marks: This printable is perfect for reinforcing the use of tally marks and number relations with your students. (1 page)

Prediction Spinner Activity: Students will enjoy playing this spinner activity alone or with a partner. Students will use prediction, number sense, and tally marks during this activity. (2 pages)

Counting Mat and Counters: Print these mats/counters onto cardstock and laminate for durability students can complete addition papers using these addition/ten frame mats. (2 pages)

Memory Match: Print Cards onto cardstock and laminate for durability. Students will play game looking for the match. My students love playing memory and I have no doubt the fast food theme will be a hit in any classroom. (3 pages)

What comes next? This clothespin activity will reinforce patterns and sequencing-What comes next?? Print cards onto cardstock and laminate for durability. Students will clip a clothespin onto image of what is next. (12 pages)

Number Recognition Booklet Activity

Number Recognition Booklet-This booklet helps students recognize and build automaticity with numbers ranging from 1-20. You can decide how to create booklet (Some teachers only use 1-10 while others may want to use all numbers 1-20). Some teachers work page by page others like to create booklet and have students work on pages during math center activities.
Students use the following concepts:
·      Number Recognition
·      Number Word Recognition
·      Ten Frames
·      Tally marks
·      Domino Dots
·      Picture Art Counting

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