Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carnival Fun Literacy and Math Unit Posted on TPT

The carnival is in town and the excitement is filling the classroom. This 81 page unit will get your student's interest peaked while active learning is occurring. There are a variety of hands-on literacy and math activities and printables to complete as centers during your year-end "carnival" kick-off.

  • Bubble Map: Printable
  • Loop-D-Loop Letters. Vowel sound activity
  • Bumper Card Bash:  Word activity and printable
  • Compound Carnival: Compound word activity and printable
  • Carnival Words: Creating words with 2 recording sheets
  • Carnival Treats: ABC activity and printable
  • Carrrrrrnival Sort "Bossy R- "ar" and "or" picture sort and printable
  • Bounce House Rhymes: Rhyming activity and printable
  • Coaster Consonants: Beginning consonant activity and printable
  • Ball Blends: Blend activity and printable
  • A Day at the Carnival: Journal writing

  • Fun House Measurement: Measurement activity and printable
  • Ticket Tally: Tally count activity and printable
  • Tasty Treats Money activity and printable
  • Tilt-A-Whirl Time: Time activity (digital to analog) and printable
  • Amusing Addition: Multiple addend addition and printable
  • Clown Car Count: Count by 2's activity and printable
  • Candy Apple Count: Subtraction activity and printable
  • Odd and Even Rides: Counting activity, ODD/Even recognition and printable
I have also included labels for each activity with pieces to attach to your envelopes, folders, boxes, etc.


  1. Sounds like a lotta fun!


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