Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello Everyone- This is my second listing for the summer and I am loving it!! It is a monstrous unit filled with a wide array of "monster" themed literacy and math activities. I had a lot of fun creating this activity and hope your kiddos enjoy it!

When I first went back to school to obtain my teaching certification, I did an emotion/feelings project centered around the Ed Emberley book, Glad Monster, Sad Monster. The students always "love" units centered around this hairy scary theme.

It is still one of my favorite books to share with my students especially at the beginning of the year. My monster theme unit includes 102 pages of monstrous activities centered around different math and literacy objectives. (There are 10 math and 13 literacy) I have also included labels /picture cards for you to attach to your center envelopes/baskets.

Freebies that just complement
 my "MONSTER MASH" Unit!!

For a "colorful" sorting activity, print these adorable monster eyeball sorting cards from Mrs. Home Ec. Add a variety of googly "colored" eyes. I found various sizes at Michael's in an assortment of colors. This is a great way for students to sort and differentiate colors. (Thanks Kristen for allowing me to "share").

Another activity that student love is my EVIL EYE Count

Students will count the evil eyes in the numbered jar and record their answer on the line. Then they will roll a die to determine how many eyes to "take away". This is a great beginning subtraction activity. I add some foam circles to the center to help students cover up the amount they rolled on their die to determine the number they have left.

I love completing glyphs with my students especially at the beginning of the year. This monster theme glyph is a great kick-off to my monster unit and to help students get to know their peers and will help YOU get to know your students. (PS Don’t forget to do a teacher "monster"-The students always love this!)



  1. I love these activities!!! Thank you for sharing! I love Glad Monster, Sad Monster and GO Away Big Green Monster! These activities will be so fun to do with my kiddos!

  2. I think the Evil Eye Count is my favorite. What a great introduction to subtraction! Thanks for sharing.
    Just Add Clipart

  3. This is so clever! I love the theme and i will use it next year. Thank you so much for linking up with me and I hope you got some freebies to help you in math.

  4. I love these little monsters too.
    I LOVE the font you used for the monster theme glyph ...can you tell me what it is and where to find it???



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