Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh The Places I Go...

After spending the last week in Key West, I have to admit I am very relaxed and rejuvenated. Can you blame me...look at this view-simply breathtaking.
 I enjoyed the days by the pool/ocean and nights walking on Duval Street (oh the things I saw...) But I made the mistake of doing a little net surfing and pinning on my pinterest account. Okay I will come clean, I am addicted to pinterest. (My newest obession!!) I kept seeing blog posts about Target dollar spot finds and I could not wait to leave the Keys to race to the nearest Target which is over 2.5 hours away.
Here are a few of the things I found:
Did Someone Say "Seusstastical Finds".....Cups, Bowls, Stickers, Pencils, Erasers, Notepads, Polka Dot Wrap, Silly Bands, oh my oh my

Arrrrr Pirates~I found adorable cups, two different size baggies, and of course I needed more polka dot wrap for this theme box.

Mix-Match Magical Finds: I grabbed some stickers, pencils, sign language pointers (I must make those adorable reader pointers for my struggling readers), certificates, and alphabet/counting puzzles great for my Kindergarten students and struggling first graders..... (Woooooo Hoooo)

Houston....I think I MAY have a problem-How could I pass up these cards about dinosaurs, space, and US animals (My kiddos love looking at these and learning interesting facts) I saw these rocket and space man bubble containers and the lightbulb started flashing in my head for new center activities (minus the bubbles of course!-Stay Tuned for details)

All in all my vacation and Target shopping spree was a "huge" success. I needed the week of lazy days, but you definitely can not take the teacher out of me. Who says we don't work over the summer????
Watch out for this weeks posts about organizing my TPT theme units!!


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  1. We were talking of having a Target Anonymous Group, then Changed it to Teacher Shoppers Anonymous...I say all in favor of having a meeting down in Key West (say during winter) say I....It has nothing to do with the great $ spot at that Target...really I I am wanting those cups and bowls something good...LOL thanks for sharing how dedicated you are to $ spot finds!



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