Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well unbelievably, I tried to relax and rest during my 3 week hiatus with my mom. From my previous post, you saw I did some relaxing in Key West, but you can NEVER take the teacher out of this girl. I think I searched every Target in Southern and Northern Florida looking for alphabet and number stampers. Still no stampers, but my mom and I had a "great" time on our wild stamper chase. I had some people question me about my classroom and organization. Last year, I shared our school library with a Title I math specialist so I had to improvise. I created a delightful space themed around Ice Cream". I have to say it was "scrumptious".
I thoroughly enjoyed walking into my room everyday and I think the student's that I serviced got a kick out of my theme.
Ice Cream Numbers (Yummy!)

Everyone loves the Ice Cream Man!

Alphabet, Numbers, Touch Math, and Sight Words

Days of the week (Can you guess what is behind the curtains????)

Well, this year, I will be moving out of the library (Yipppeee!!!!-Even though, I made the space mine, it was still very drab!) I will be moving two doors up the hallway-closer to the rooms I service good thing because I was seriously thinking of buying roller blades or a scooter. J
I have opted to transform my room this year into another delightful theme (SHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! It's a secret-More pictures to come!!!!!!) I started working on some of my labels and thought I would share them with you as I get them finished.
Since I was very limited on space, I needed to devise a plan to store my overwhelming supplies and make them easily accessible to me. After browsing the web, I found the best site Mrs. Bond's Fantastic First Graders (If you haven't been to Mrs. Bond's site-I suggest you head over right now and check it out for yourself!!!!-Tell her Mrs. Freshwater sent you! J) I loved how she utilized the Sterlite 3-drawer units available at Wal-mart/Target to store her materials and manipulatives. I knew this was my best and most inexpensive bet. Oh how Wal-mart loved me-(15 containers later-J)
Here is a sample of my bin organization:
Monthly Items, Stickers, Rewards, Supplies, Etc.

Math Manipulatives(LARGE) and Center Activities (SMALL)

Well, I started creating my "new" labels for this year. Thus far, I have my guided reading book labels (A-L) and my 18 drawers -materials at my fingertip labels! (They include:  Months of the Year, Stickers, rewards, etc) They are free and available at Google Docs- If someone has a problem with google docs- email me at and I will forward the pdf.

More to come so stay tuned...

By popular request-I added the remainder of the alphabet M-Z.

(Click-picture below to go to google docs to grab M-Z labels)

P.S. To make printing easier- The alphabet labels can be printed onto
Avery 3x4 Name Tags Inserts (item 5392)


  1. These are really cute Melissa! Thank you! I love the ice cream theme! :)


  2. I am so going to get more on these sterlite containers. They are on sale this week. I want to do the monthly bins! Great idea!
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures of how you organized your manipulatives. Hmmm... I may have to head to Wal Mart!

  4. Your organization is inspiring, and coming at just the right time, since I've just stared to put my 1st grade classroom back together after summer cleaning.

    Mrs. Bond's site is amazing! Thanks for the recommendation!



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