Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Still Working…

Well, I am still working on labeling and organizing my “new” room. After hours of created one of a kind decorations, I think I can finally start finishing up my “updated” 50’s theme room. It has been somewhat a waiting game with a few of my displays. I have been putting off hanging them because I was unsure of this and that.

Today was a great day because…


my Smartboard was installed- Wooo Hooo!!!! Yipppeeee!!!!!! So excited, but now I have a very ugly area to the right of my board. Did someone say “paint”… I can’t decide if I want to paint or possibly put a small white board there. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Organize-Organize- Label-Label

someone asked me to post a close up of my bins from my previous pots. These are 3 drawer sterlite bins from Walmart and Target. I simply stacked them on top of one another. My sharp/dull paint cans are covered with cardstock. The black “sticker” box was spray painted and ribbon attached to coordinate with my décor.


A close-up of my behind the desk storage. Okay I understand I have an issue with “matching” containers and labeling. I think it is easier to find things when they are organized and labeled. I know I have been much happier this year because I can actually find everything. My bottom shelf still needs labeled but I am still sorting and putting things in their place therefore I don’t want to label until everything is complete and in it’s finally destination. (I love my $12.48 shelves for Walmart- Yes, I said $12.48)


Someone asked for a picture of my “Days of the Week” Here you go…

I loved watching “Happy Days” growing up. Chachi and Fonzie….. Oh so cool…… When I was trying to think of a way to make a display for the days of the week it hit me like a freight train. I said, “Hey Mom, I got it….(singing off key)Sunday, Monday “Happy Days”, Tuesday Wednesday…” Needless to say my mother gave me a funny look and I simply responded by saying, I love it!!! When we finally put it up she just said, “Now that’s cute!” It is funny to think I got all of my creative juices from my mother but sometimes I don’t think she shares in my visions or my wacky over-the-top gotta do it attitude.


Months and Daily News


Literacy Manipulatives and Center activities


I am in full swing servicing my kiddos and it has been tough trying to balance everything but it always falls into place. Now that my Smartboard has been installed the real magic can take place. I only have a few more things to label and put up…

What’s Next?

Small Group Tools~Labeled Shelves~Labeled Library~Order’s Up with ordinal numbers ~ Money Mania (pinterest inspired)~ and Cruisin’ into Reading

I know I probably should have made a “pink” Cadillac but I love how this turquoise car came out….IMG_4964

Hoping to finish everything and post more photos by Sunday…. What do you think so far?



  1. I absolutely LOVE your room. It's so bright and cheerful. I especially like your theme. You've done a great job. I am following your blog and would love to have you follow mine. My blog is

  2. Your classroom looks great. I really love the giant school is cool poster!

  3. In honor of your exceptional taste in classroom decor and all the other great information on your blog, I am bestowing upon you the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit my blog to grab the award pic, get the rules, and pay it forward to 15 other deserving bloggers. Happy blogging!

    Here is the URL:

  4. I just passed the Versatile Blog Award to you. Come on over and see:

  5. Looks like someone beat me to giving you the Versatile Blog Award! Oh well... I'm still loving your blog!

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  6. Do you have a problem with the 3 drawers thing on the bottom sagging due to the weight on top of them? {You have a 3 drawer set on top of the other one}
    I love this idea, but wonder if it would sag. I have a wider one at home for my sons socks and undies and he put books and such on top and now it's no good cause it sagged so much.

  7. I really like the blue caddy on the table. It is nice to see that the smart boards are coming into the elementary school classrooms now, makes things a lot easier. Glad to see manipulatives and anything that can incorporate learning and fun at the same time !

  8. This is the most adorable classroom theme. I considered doing the 50's this year but decided against it because I wasn't sure if I would be able to find enough gave me alot of amazing ideas!

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