Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sorry It has been so long…

Hi Everyone- it seems like it has been an eternity since I have added anything new to my blog. I have no excuses other than…Can you say “retail therapy”…

Yes, I have been doing quite a bit of shopping. My mom is home and we have been hitting the stores. I am one of those gals that gets excited even to hit my favorite spots. (Target “dollar spot”, the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, TJ MAxx, DSW, and Abercrombie)

A few of my Target Dollar Spot Finds for Halloween

Target Finds

I have also been pinning like a “mad woman”. I don’t know what I ever did before pinterest. I find myself excited to hop out of bed grab my cup of joe and pin till it’s time to get ready for work. I head to work in the morning with a “spring” in my step because I am so excited about all the new things I found. (Although, I am a sped teacher, I do love sharing some of the ideas I find with my co-teachers)

I found this adorable candy corn puzzle match and created my own version because I could not find anywhere to print it out or buy it. I could only find the pictures of the student’s actually using the center.

Here is my version free for you to download:

{click here to download}

candy corn puzzle (pic)

sample CCP

I added a black outline on my center to make them pop (see below)



More centers and Activities for Fall Coming Soon-

Keep Checking back

Don’t forget about my Monster Mash Unit on TPT!

Your students will love it especially if you incorporate a Monster Unit during the month of October-monster collage




  1. LOVE the candy corn puzzles!! Can't wait to print them and laminate them :) thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing those! So cute for my centers! :)

  3. Thanks for the puzzle, Hoping to print it out this week and let the little ones use it!



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