Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Time….

I am loving this beautiful “spring” weather we are having here in West Virginia. It is so hard to believe we made it through the winter without one snow day. Although, I normally love it when the snowbird flies and we have a delay or cancellation, I will be thoroughly enjoy my spring break coming up soon.
I have been getting so many emails asking about new my units and have had several requests for mini units. I have been working hard to try and fill requests and have several units in the works. Thanks for being patient.
I do have a few items posted with an Easter/Spring Theme from last year
easter 2011
Hippity Hoppity Measurement
Someone recently asked me about how I got started with my blog. Well, it was actually a fluke. I was taking an online professional development course working on my Master’s plus hours. One of the course requirements was to start a blog. I had no clue what a blog even was. ( I was not techno savvy and everything I knew, I taught myself.) Luckily, I had a colleague/friend at school who was a computer whiz and she helped me with the initial set up. Thanks Ashley!!!!
I had no clue what to name my blog. I was at home and I thought my name is Mrs. Freshwater… I am taking a class… within seconds Mrs. Freshwater’s Class was born! Not the most creative nor ingenious names but at the time it fit the purpose. (I was Mrs. Freshwater and I was taking a class.)
Thanks for reading and will share more answers to your questions soon. It’s time to head out and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having. Oh my goodness, I love the sunshine!!

Always, Melissa


  1. Your stuff is adorable. I just saw the pirates and LOVE it!! I am new follower.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  2. I also started blogging because a college class forces me too... now I love it.
    Sharing Kindergarten

  3. Isn't the weather just gorgeous?! Last year in NJ it snowed like every other day, this year, it's flip flop weather!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher



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