Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reading Focus Walls

Hope everyone has been having a fabulous week. I know I had a bonus yesterday (Day Off- Wooo Hooo!!! I got a bunch of things crossed off my checklist, but still feel like I have a zillion more things to do!)

While, surfing the net yesterday, I came across a few adorable Reading Focus Walls. I “love” the idea, but wanted to know who actually utilizes these wonderful boards?

Do your students reference the boards all through the week?

When do you change?

How do you store weekly units?

Ms. Leslie Ann from Life in 1st Grade

has my favorites (I think it’s the colors)

Here is her frog theme from 2010-2011

Just curious how many of my bloggy friends use a FOCUS Wall in their classroom.




  1. Melissa ~ I'm now following you because your blog is awesome! I just started mine so it's pretty bare bones. We don't use focus walls with our reading curriculum. I do like the ones you included in the photos, though :)


  2. I don't use a focus wall, but love the idea of one...especially with your pictures!

    Fun in Room 4B

  3. I've never had a focus wall, but love the idea. (Especially after seeing your thanks!)

    Fun in Room 4B



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