Sunday, May 20, 2012

Teaming up with Carson-Dellosa

As teachers, I know you have experienced the effects of summer learning loss first hand. Did you know that students can lose up to 2.5 months of learning throughout the summer.

The researchers at Carson-Dellosa have discovered that teachers usually spend at least 2 weeks – some closer to 4 weeks – re-teaching key skills that students have lost over the summer break!! This makes for a very difficult back-to-school transition, but guess what Carson-Dellosa has found a way to help prevent this loss.

Their Summer Bridges Program!!

Carson-Dellosa and I are teaming up to give one lucky winner a summer bridges giveaway packet that is designed to help parents encourage learning all throughout the summer and to help make the back-to-school transition much easier.



To enter the giveaway

all you have to do is  leave a comment

stating that you follow  me and tell me how

you plan to help your students “retain” what

they have learned all year. 


Giveaway will run from

Sunday, May 20th to Wednesday, May 23rd

Only one comment per person (make sure you follow me and leave a comment about how you plan to help your students/parents retain key skills learned all year.)

Good Luck



P.S. To Check Out Carson-Dellosa {Click Here}


  1. I make a summer fun book- Give suggestions of web sites to use at home.

  2. I have a reading challenge that I run every summer, plus sending home a packet of suggestions for summer learning.

  3. I have a summer packet that I send home along with a note comparing a child who reads over the summer with one who doesn't and how that child that reads will be 6 months ahead while the child who doesn't will be 3 months behind. It makes a pretty strong impact on where you want your child to be and encourages the students to read. It is especially important for me this year as I am looping with my kinders to first grade next year.


  4. I follow your blog and love it! :) We give out Education City passes to help practice over the summer. I set up my city for my students to have appropriate skill practice. Also, I encourage the summer reading program at the library and have the librarian come to talk about the many prizes they have. :)

  5. I send home a list of websites and activities to do with their children! The kids love it :)

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog is having a giveaway!
    My TpT Store

  6. I follow your blog! I send home a writing journal to encourage writing all summer long! Great giveaway! I am tutoring this summer and this would be awesome!

  7. I give my students a reading list and a list of websites to encourage them to keep up their skills over the summer.

  8. I follow your blog!! My school has a summer program so we will be learning all summer!!!

  9. Of course I follow and adore your blog! I make a packet of reading comprehension and math activities of varied levels. We talk a lot about all the growth they have made and how important it is not to lose it. :)

  10. I follow you and I help students out by sending home a summer packet to review all the skills we've done!

  11. I follow you :)
    This year I'm sending home a packet of review skills. Also, I'm compiling a list of websites for them to use to review.


    Fun in Room 4B

  12. I follow you. I am sending home as many printable books, flash cards, practice sheets, etc as I can get my hands on!

  13. I am a follower!
    This summer I am putting on a 4 week summer camp for upcoming first graders. I asked K teachers to send home letters to parents of their lowest readers (only because I couldn't do ALL k students by myself) and ask for parents who were interested in a little extra help over the summer. I am creating a simple lesson plan with 4-5 weeks of activities for parents to do with their child. On May 31st, I am giving parents ALL the info and materials needed to complete the lessons, as well as, training them on how to do the lesson. Each week they will complete 4 lessons. The following Monday, they will meet with me @ school where I will celebrate with the students by going over the lessons, K words, read books, sing songs, and just have fun.

  14. I follow your blog. To help over the summer, I send each child home with a book and some activities that go along with it. I also give them the option to write in a summer journal.

  15. I follow your blog and on fb. I send home a summer packet that allows students to work at their own pace to keep their minds fresh on what we have learned all year!

  16. I'm a follower of your blog and love your ideas. I'm planning on sending home a packet of extra ideas for the parents to help them during the summer--math combinations to review, info about the library reading contest for the summer, coloring papers, etc.

  17. I follow your informative blog! I have a class homepage where I post links to online games and I upload helpful packets filled with activities the children can work on during the summer. My favorite is a writing journal filled with exciting prompts.
    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  18. I am a follower and at the end of this week I plan on sending home a packet with practice skills that we have been working on all year! I am hoping my kiddos do it so they will maintain what they've learned! :)
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  19. I follow your blog.

    Our school purchased each student a package of books from scholastic to read over the summer. I have sent home packet of materials for the students and plan to "home school" my own student about two hours a day to help combat the summer slide!


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  21. The majority of my class will attend summer school. They'll have 1 month off and then return to school the following month. I will not give them a packet of worksheets. I want them outside playing, exploring, biking, using their imagination. I will give them a calendar of ideas that include fun active learning experiences. I also encourage them to join the local library's summer reading program--a great place to visit when the weather is HOT and the monsoon rains begin!

    I follow you.

  22. Our school always does a summer reading incentive! We are doing a treasure map for their reading logs this summer and had 16 books per student purchased for our kids to take home and read this year! They get to participate in "The Great Book Race" when they return from summer! I would love to win this and I follow you!

    Ginger Snaps

  23. I am a follower! I plan on sending home a list of ideas for parents to use with their kids-doubt they will, but I am going to do it. I am also going to send home a reading log for the kids to read at least 2 days a week over the summer, then if they bring it back signed and dated, they will get a prize from me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I am working on sending home a summer reading book list of books I know can be found at the local library. I am also going to give them an incentive to journal about what they read and bring it to me next year (I am looping with my students).

  25. I follow your blog!!! I will send home a list of websites and a calendar for June, July, and August suggesting different activities to complete each day.


  26. i homeschool my pre-kinder. he misses kindergarten this year by a few months---and is SO ready to go, but alas....he is not able to. so i am working him and my 3 year old year round {except for august--thats my break month from a scheduled preschool} this would be a big help. as a parent, i would really appreciate if a teacher sent home a "summer syllabus" of sorts where we could work on skills for the following year. thanks!

  27. I work with students from Pre-K to 3 and each grade level differs, but we have already begun to put together summer "homework" packets for the Pre-K families. They include a variety of activities that can be used to continue the learning process over the break. And at that age they feel all grown up with their own homework.

  28. I follow your blog! Love the polka dot labels,etc. I send home the homework folder with ideas for summer. For example, writing each week I. The journal and listing all the things to remember, capitals, periods, spacing, complete sentences, more than one sentence on the same topic. I will be sending word lists from the school bell. I have book ideas for leveled reading as well as a few websites. Math flashcards for add/sub to ten.THe school bell also has 1/2 sheet tests that are mixed addition and subtraction.

  29. I follow your blog. I send home a parent/child packet of things to do throughout the summer with resources for the parents. I also linked websites to my classroom blog for parents to use for more summertime ideas.
    Julie Reid

  30. I am a follower. Each year I create a summer calendar with an activity to do on each day. I also send home journals and other resources that parents can use to write/read with their child. I invite the local libbrary to come and sign up students for their summer reading program and a library card.

  31. I follow your blog. I plan on sending home a packet of review activities for my kids to work on over the summer. If they return the pack, completed I will give them a small reward.

  32. I am a follower of your inspiring blog. The students at our school pick out a few books from the reading a-z website and take them home to read during the summer. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. I follow your blog. Yahoo. I have an end of the year conference with each parent and send home a "homework or activity" summer calendar. I also recommend the summer bridge book K-1. I am most concerned with my Esl population. I host them at the public library a few times during the summer and we practice all of our English skills. (I work part time at the public library so I have an "in" for meeting room space.)

  34. The last book I read with my firsties is "Donovan's Word Jar". I then challenge them to keep a vocabulary journal with all of the new words they find/learn over the summer. We make the journals before they leave (in the shape of a jar) and they can add pages as they learn more words. They must define the word, use it in a sentence, write a synonym and an antonym, and draw a picture. When they have found their last word (minimum of 20), they need to put them in ABC order and then write a story using at least 10 of the words. To add math to the mix, they need to count the letters in each word and then add all of the letters up at the end. They always come back to me with their word jar journals and I give them a certificate and a treat when school starts. It is always a fun way to see how they meet the challenge and I get to see them again the first week of school.

  35. I follow you in GFC and I do homeschooling during the summer with my sons. We take trips to the library, read a lot, and use workbooks.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  36. I sent home reading materials, encouraged the students to sign up for the summer reading program and sent a list of great educational websites!


  37. I really love your blog!!!its amazing!




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