Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trying to be thrifty…

Been trying to “slowly” get things ready for my classroom. Summer seems to have flown by…

Here are a few things I have been busy with… While grabbing the coffee out the other morning, I thought this would be a perfect container to store my students sticks. Hmmmmmmmmm…….Off to the basement to find those empty cans!

Once I found two, I simply took off the label and made a template. I used a piece of scrapbook paper, added a cute label, laminated, and then adhered to the can. I secured it with a piece clear packaging tape. All I need to do is add my skinny Crayolas and I am all set!!!!

photo photo

Now, cleaning out my gift shop… What a chore!!! I had an overabundance of clothespins….Why does one need several packages of wooden clothespins when they do not even have a clothesline????

Well, I simply took my clothespins outside added a coat of spray paint.

photo (1)

Next, I found some small wooden disks and sprayed them too.

I cut out numbers using my cricut and my Cherry Limeade cartridge (Love this font!!) After gluing and modge podging this is the end result.

photo (2)

I put them all together and I have some adorable student numbered clothespins to use for my clip charts and daily homework baskets. (Ohmyword!!! I am loving these!!!)


Now I recently blogged about my clipboards well I found mini boards in my stash too. Okay let’s just say my stash is “huge” but I am hoping after my yard sale it diminishes a little. I can never say “NO” to a good bargain. Keep my away from the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Zone PLEASE!!!!! My baby is going to college and needs new linesman boots! (LOL)

I grabbed my collection of ribbon-It is slowly diminishing now.


More cutting and stacking-Oh My what was I thinking…


I added the numbers to the bottom right hand corner instead of using the metal tag. Students will use their numbered clipboard! This will help me to solve any mysteries such as broken boards, vandalism, etc.

I am going to use these for 1/2 sheets of paper during write the room, partner work, etc. (LOVE MY MINI BOARDS- Too CUTE!!)

photo (1)

photo (1)

Well, off to begin my next project…. Adding ribbon bookmarkers to my composition books. Have you seen this???

Head on over to

What’s the Buzz


Too Darn Cute for Words……




  1. I love the numbered sticks and clothespins!! So cute!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Love, love, love your numbered paperclips!

    Success in Second Grade

  3. LOVE everything! Those mini-clipboards are precious! And doesn't repurposing things just give ya' a good feeling?! :))
    Rowdy in Room 300

  4. I love those clothespins! Why do you have such a stash in your basement!? Awesome!!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  5. Love those clothespins!! I love Cherry Limeade font, too.

  6. I love those clothespins! What an awesome idea! :D


    Second Grade is Sweet!

  7. You're always so creative and resourceful! I love checking out your posts because then I feel like, "ya, I can do that!" So thanks for the motivation!


    First Grade Fascination

  8. Cute ideas!

    How did you spray paint the clothespins? Did you take them apart? I always end up spraying the metal piece too & then it peels on me! (I noticed the metal piece on yours doesn't look painted.)

  9. What did you use to cover the cans? I love the black and white polka dots!

  10. I love your mini boards, too!!! I made pencil cans this summer from canned beans and corn... stuff like that. I was going to paint them but at the last minute I thought of a much faster way... duct tape!!! I bought some black duct tape and got to work :) Then I added a black and white polka dot ribbon around the top! Cute and easy! Next week I will be posting pictures of my classroom! I hope you have time to stop by!



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