Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Makin’ A List… Checkin’ It Twice…

Hopefully all blogger issues have been resolved and I can get back to blogging. WE have been super busy in my class prepping for the holidays. I saw this adorable snowman bulb idea on pinterest from a cupcake for the teacher and knew I wanted to make them with my kiddos for parent gifts.


Well after gathering the necessary supplies

Chenille stems

Pom-Poms (I used 1.5”)


Paint Pens (I love Sharpie)

Buffalo Snow CB0513 Iridescent Flakes

Fake Snow

VICKERMAN N590600: Clear Transparent Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornament 2.5" (60mm)

Clear Plastic Bulbs (I opted for plastic so they did not break)

A Variety of Ribbon

We made them and they came out “adorable” Here is a sample


I let my kiddos measure and cut their own chenille stem and pick their own pom-poms I had some interesting combinations. I loved this purple on. A little guy in my class made this for his momma because he said her favorite color was purple.

I added their names and the year on the back of the bulb. Next, we wrapped the bulbs in tissue paper and then placed them into white lunch sacks. Then, I printed an image onto cardstock and asked the students to use their “best artistic” skills to color. Once they colored, I had them cut the image out and then we stapled it onto the bags.  I love how these came out and it is a gift and wrapping made from their hearts.



Tomorrow, we are going to attempt to make another ornament. Oh My… I have so many little ones who are from split environments and feel they need a special something for both. Tune in for our next ornament adventure.

P.S. These ornaments were simple to create, but a word to the wise the snow is a MESS. Next year, I will put down a plastic (throw away) table cloth and maybe a few on the floor. OH My Oh MY I think we sweep up snow for two hours Laughing out loud 

Always, Melissa


  1. What a cute idea! I love it. It's nice when the gifts aren't too expensive! If you have time, stop by my blog and check out my awesome giveaway with lots of freebies!

    Thanks for sharing!
    The Fabulous First Grade

  2. The ornaments are adorable!! That snow IS a mess... but I couldn't find it this year! I had to use something else instead. Anywho, thank you for the shout-out!! Happy Holidays! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher



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