Friday, December 21, 2012

The Most Famous Reindeer of all….

Most everyone knows my favorite animal is a moose. I have no clue why I am fascinated by these enormous creatures, but they intrigue me. I always used to say I wore a moose a day to keep the doctor away. (That’s when I was in my Abercrombie & Fitch fetish- I still love the moose and the clothes but have a new fetish with WHBM) Although, I love moose my favorite holiday thing besides the “Grinch” is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  I remember when Hallmark introduced Rodney the reindeer- I was so excited I wanted every Rodney they made. God Bless my mother, I think she scouted every Hallmark store in the Ohio Valley that year.

I immediately began a search on pinterest to search for some cool reindeer crafts to make with my kiddos. Many of the ideas I saw used a thumbprint, a hand, even a gingerbread man upside down ( too clever).  Here are just a few of the cute ideas I pinned to my Reindeer Crazy Board. I had to finally stop searching because I was so excited to find so many cute and inexpensive ideas and some clever tricks.

Reindeer Ornament from Square Pennies


Reindeer Light Bulbs Ornaments from PinLaVie


Rudolph Bulb by Oh Christmas Tree Crafts


Paper Mache Reindeer from Family Crafts


After scurrying around and trying to find an inexpensive way to make another ornament for my kiddos to give their parents, I thought was at a loss. Until I saw these cute gift tags from Family Fun Crafts


and instantly I thought FLOOR/BATHROOM TILE…. My son works at Lowe’s (yippee), but did he remember to bring his momma some tile--- “Nope”!!! GRRRRRR!!!

Thank goodness I have another connection. (Mwah!!)


They were super easy.

STEP ONE: Dip thumb in brown paint add thumbprint

step 1

STEP TWO: Using the end of a paint brush allow students to dot eyes and nose. I had red paint and red metallic paint for them to choose from.

step two

STEP THREE: Add antlers. We used a fine paint pen to do the trick. Allow students to practice using a pencil and paper first.

Allow to dry and spray with a sealer. I used Plaid Gloss Sealer (make sure you do this outside or in a well ventilated area.

Finally attach hanger (we used ribbon) and a bow or bow tie. I had a variety of colors to choose from and many were unique and adorable.

LOVE LOVE LOVE How these came out!!!! I even had to make one myself.

Our 2nd ornament for 2012…..


We wrapped our ornies up in tissue and made these adorable bags I found on the Fiskars site. (LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!)

Reindeer Bag



Although making a second ornament was time consuming it was well worth the excitement in my kiddos voices and eyes when they had a gift for both their parents.

This was a fast and easy project and it was quite inexpensive.

Happy Holidays from my class to yours.

Always, Melissa


  1. What a fabulous idea-using the smaller bathroom tiles. They turned out so cute. Yep-going to pin this! Thanks!

    Granny Goes to School

  2. LOVE LOVE the reindeer ornament! Int he past we have created the snowman ornament w/ the handprint!! Just looking for something different. How did you break apart the tile? Is it hard? Does it just "come" apart?! Looks fantastically easy!!



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