Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feeling the LOVE

I am not quite sure what crazy ideas go through my head as I surf through pinterest. Oh My Oh My… I really need someone to stand behind me and shout, “Forget it, You have no clue what you are getting into!” Well, I pinned this adorable idea last year from The Rainbow Room.


I loved the idea and knew immediately I wanted to make them from my kiddos for Valentine’s Day.

Well, I gathered all of the necessary supplies

Alphabet Ice Cube Trays

Crayons (A Ton!!! I had a collection drive at school. A great time to ask, after x-mas so many teachers buy their kiddos new crayons for x-mas what to do with the broken crayons… Donate them to that crazy pinterest inspired teacher!)

Disposable Pans or OLD Cookie Sheet (The wax will run over)

and I set off to create. I thought I was being quite “smart” by making a list /tally of each letter quantity that I would need. Trust me this saved me tons of time. I finalized my list and every time I finished a “batch, I would add a tally next to that letter! This definitely saved me a lot of time and I didn’t waste any of my precious “peeled” crayons by making un necessary letters.

During one weekend, I was melting crayons like a fool. It is quite simple to do… Here are the directions I followed from One Charming Party

My first batch………… YUCK!!!! I think I was a bit too impatient and needed to just “chillax” and give the crayons time to dry. (Once I let the crayons set and harden, I was melting and creating like a wild woman!!)

Luckily, my son was sick and sleep most of the weekend. It wasn’t until he began feeling better that he said “what is that smell”? Needless, to say I didn’t even realize that my entire house {which usually smells like cake or vanilla} began to take on the smell of “waxy crayon”. Not that intriguing… To be honest it is quite stinky! (Note: Burn a candle –something strong to over power the smell of waxy crayon- Cinnamon works wonderful!!! Vanilla or cake batter is just not strong enough!)

After many hours of breaking crayons into little pieces, melting, drying, and popping them out of the molds “carefully” , I finished my classroom Valentine’s!!!

I am inLove_edited-1 with how these came out and can’t wait to give them to my kiddos on 2-14!!!!!

Now I need to come up with a “cute” saying to attach to my tags. Taking a poll… Which one do you like???? I do have one favorite, but curious as to what you guys think….

Here are a few that I was thinking about

Valentine, You “color” my world!

Valentine, You “melt” my heart”!

You’ve made my world more “colorful”!

For “crayon” out loud! Won’t you be my valentine.

You’ve made my year so colorful! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. I like: Valentine, You Melt My Heart best! These are so cute...are you going to post pictures of yours? :o)


  2. I love this idea! Mine would never turn out.
    I like "You’ve made my world more “colorful”!"

  3. I would choose, "Valentine, You Melt My Heart"

  4. I got a chuckle with"for cry-on out loud" don't know if the liners
    Kinders will get it.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics! Are the alphabet ice cube trays easy to find? Where did you get yours?

  6. I like the last one - "You've made my year so colorful!"
    Teachin' First

  7. This looks amazing--isn't it true how Pinterest can get us trying anything!? I love, "you color my world!"
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  8. What a FANTASTIC idea! Must make for my son!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!



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