Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spectacular Spelling

Do you have kiddos who struggle with weekly spelling words? I have been trying to implement many different strategies to help my kiddos all throughout the year. One key element has been introducing them to Spelling City. All I can say is my kiddos “love” it. They beg me to play Hang Mouse and Word O’Rama. By implementing Spelling City into my weekly computer time and center activities, my kiddos have improved their overall spelling scores.

Do you use Spelling City in your room?? What are your favorite activities??

Another key spelling booster has been Rachelle Smith’s 1-2-3 SPELL with me!

I love love love this packet she has put together. There are 15 different activities to choose from and form ranging from 10-20 spelling words. I picked 6 different activities and added them into sterilite drawers. (Okay, I admit I have a slight addiction to sterilite drawers. My kiddos know that when they have completed their work and have “free” time they can either read or go over to one of the drawers and grab an activity.

Here is a picture of my “spelling” drawers. I put copies of the weekly spelling list in the green basket on the left. (Mailbox basket holds papers that need to be put into the mailboxes to go home.)


Here is an up close picture of my labels. I can post them if anyone is interested. I simply printed the labels and added a glitter background to add some “sparkle”.


While shopping at my favorite teacher’s store(Imperial Teacher’s Store) I saw these adorable rainbow pencils.They are “perfect” for the rainbow writing activity in Rachelle’s packet. (My kiddos “LOVE” this activity it has definitely been a HIT. I think the “cool” pencil helps.)


Here is an up close look at the pencil tip.rainbowII



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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I would love the labels for you drawers above!! Thanks.



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