Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Spending the day brown bagging it!

I am spending my last day of winter break prepping for the next few weeks. Although I am ready to go back. I am a creature of habit. I love my daily routine of working M-F and having my weekends to chill. Yes, even people with major OCD have to chill. Having several days off drives me stir crazy. I used to love to run, run, run, how many stores can I hit in a weekend? How many activities, parties, etc. does my son have to be at? Well, once my son began driving that sort of ceased, and how many black skirts or cardigans can one person own? Throughout the last few years, I take comfort in spending my free time at home trying to find some peace and relaxation with an occasional shopping trip here and there. Question: Have you ever stopped going shopping and added up how much money you save??? Oh my oh my I was astonished how quickly I could add zeros to my bank account and keep them there simply by not going to WHBM or TJ Maxx every weekend.

My last day of break will be spent prepping…

I have gathered all of the tools I need (I think)

Glue Sticks

Brown Lunch Bags

Copy paper

Ink for my printer (grrr I need stock in HP)

Paper Cutter

SureCut Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer 12

My drink of choice this week

I am ready to roll. I am prepping my Brown Bag Book clubs for the Month of January.

I have mapped out the stories for the next few weeks and have printed off the appropriate graphic organizers from my B3C packet.



This will definitely save some time. (Okay maybe not for me, but after having bags look like they have gone through the glue factory or look like they are years old, I feel this is the easiest way to ensure all of my kiddos have the entire graphic organizer “neatly” glued in place.  Although many teachers choose to let their kiddos glue the graphic organizer onto the bag. I seemed to have had half ripped organizers, crumpled bags, bags that have been glued together, etc. Which has equaled a real HOT MESS during our B3C time.  This may be a good idea for a homeroom helper mom. Send home the necessary supplies and let them glue away. I am planning on binding my bags with an XL binding clip that I have labeled using my new Dymo labeler.

XL Binder Clips (Labeled with Skill i.e. author’s purpose, cause & effect, etc.)

Dymo Labelwriter (This thing is an organizers dream!!)

Now all I have to do is send out a B3C helper treat letter for parents to sign up to send in (donate) a weekly snack for 2013.

Goldfish crackers, Cheese-its, Pretzels, Cheese Balls, Popcorn, etc.

Off to cut, glue, and clip…

How are you spending the last day or days of your break?

Always, Melissa


  1. I spent my last day grading papers!

  2. Oh No!!! A teacher's work is never done!!!

  3. We start back Thursday. My daughter and I went in late Tuesday night so I could have today "off" of school. I think we are going to do a relaxed shopping trip today and I bet I will have to do some school stuff at home later tonight. I have the labelwriter and LOVE IT! Happy New Year!



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