Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Sharpener Surprise

I recently blogged about my newest purchase for my classroom. Okay I have to admit I am constantly buying something (I have many addictions ranging for anything smelly to sterilite containers) but honestly this is by far my “newest” craze.
I have cutie patootie cylinders in my room for my sharp and dull pencils. I love that kids know they need to simply drop their dull pencil in the container and pick up a freshly sharpened pencil. At the beginning of the year I purchased some small pencil sharpeners at Walmart and they did the trick for a little while. (Okay I’ll be honest they were very finicky and did not like holiday pencils. Grrrrrr!!!!)
Well, after reading several reviews, I knew I had to give this baby a try. I headed over to the site and bit the bullet. I ordered a set of three. (Shared one with one of my sweet friends in my building!!)
After teaching my kiddos the proper steps. All I have to say is this pencil sharpener from classroom friendly supplies is MAGICAL!!!!
It’s Quiet, It’s Quick, and It words on my “cheap” holiday pencils!!!
Simply Stated:
It is the “best” Pencil Sharpener EVER!!!!!
Midnight Black
I am super excited to announce I will be giving away one of these babies!!!!! 
 Head on over now for your chance to win!!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Contest runs for 1 week. A winner will be chosen and notified on Monday February 4th


  1. I just get a smile every time I visit your adorable blog!

    Chickadee Jubilee

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