Monday, February 11, 2013

Do you use a reading series??

Do you use a reading series or create your own lessons using picture books? My district adopted the Scott Foreman Series several years ago. I like having the series available at my fingertips, but still feel I need to spend some time creating different activities for my students to help reinforce the weekly skills and to review past skills taught. Since I am new to 2nd grade, I have been working diligently to create supplemental packets for the series. I have been slowly adding to my packets with each unit. (Eventually, I will go back and revise all of the units so they contain the same activities, assessments, centers, etc.)

If you are looking for activities to utilize during your Daily 5 sessions or for extra reinforcement. These packets would be ideal for you! The beginning of each packet contains images for you to print and laminate to use on your “Reading Focus” Wall.


To get a glimpse of the vast array of activities included check out the thumbnails for each unit at my TpT store.

Here are the units that I have completed and you can snag them up by clicking on the picture(s) below:

Unit 1

2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 1.1 Iris & Walter Activities Packet2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 1.2 Exploring Space Activiti2nd Gr Reading St Unit 1.3 Henry & Mudge & The Starry Nigh2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 1.4 A Walk in the Desert Packet2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 1.5 The Strongest One Activi

Unit 2

2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 2.1 Tara & Tiree Activities Packet2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 2.2 Ronald Morgan Activities Packet2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 2.3 Turtle's Race with Beave2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 2.4 Bremen Town Musicians Ac2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 2.5 A Turkey for Thanksgivin

Unit 3

2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 3.1 Pearl and Wagner Activit2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 3.2 Dear Juno Activities Packet2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 3.3 Anansi Goes Fishing Acti2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 3.4 Rosa and Blanca Activiti2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 3.5 A Weed is a flower Activ

Unit 4

2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 4.1 The Quilt Activities Packet2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 4.2 Life Cycle of a Pumpkin 2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 4.3 FROGS Supplemental Activ2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 4.4 I Like Where I Am Activity Pack2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 4.5 Helen Keller & the Big S

Unit 5

2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 5.1 Firefighters! Supplement2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 5.2 One Dark Night Supplemen2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 5.3 Bad Dog, Dodger! Supplem2nd Reading Street Unit 5.4 Horace & Morris but mostly Dol2nd Grade Reading Street Unit 5.5 The Signmaker's Assistan

Feel Free to Pin!!!!!

Hope this helps free some time for you and helps to activate learning in your classroom. I know these packets have definitely been very beneficial for me this year. As I stated above each packet has gotten a little more detailed and newer activities have been included. My favorite packet to date is “One Dark Night”!!! Let me know what you think!!!

I have also been trying to reinforce the weekly comprehension strategy by implementing the B3C. Have you checked out my packet?


It has been a true lifesaver. I have a mom that glue all the sheets to a bag for me. I am finished for the remainder of the year. This has been a great way to help my students learn and understand the weekly strategies that correlate with the stories, but this could definitely be used for any story or even book reports.

Always, Melissa


  1. I love your brown bag packet!! I love doing those periodically and filling the bags with popcorn. So fun!!


  2. Hi there!
    So I live and teach in PA and most districts here use a reading program/basal series. We presently use Treasures (this is our 4th year using this program) and it is by Macmillan/McGraw Hill. The district purchased it my first year to streamline what teachers are teaching so that transfer within the district are more smooth and what not. Anyways, the program like any other, has its perks and downsides. It's def. hard to break away from it and what I dislike the most is the varying comprehension skills every week and writing pieces that seem to spiral around every couple of months! I feel like I hardly get started on a skill and it's gone. So, I end up making a lot of my own materials to supplement and use as review tools.

    Long story short, hang in there! I'm right there with ya! Sometimes, we teachers just like to teach and we know what our students need.

    Ashley :)



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