Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hot Diggity Dog! It's the 100th Day of School!

Well, our 100th day finally arrived on Friday, February 1st. After weeks of planning, you can probably imagine my stress level when I found out we had a two-hour delay due to bone chilling temperatures. As many of my colleagues prayed for a cancellation, I was was doing the happy dance when I discovered I had school.
To prep for the 100th day, I decorated my door
(I don't have the "perfect" doorway that some teachers do, but I made it work and my kiddos loved it!)
Yes there are 100 polka dotted paw prints.

I added the crepe paper streamers. I loved watching the smiles on my kiddos faces as they entered the room. (Simply priceless and worth the extra time it took to decorate the doorway!)

This was my "simple" sign on my dry erase board!!

We immediately began making out "Hot Diggity Dog" Hats.

After the kiddos cut, assembled and glued their doggy faces onto their headbands, I gave them 100 paw print stickers to place on their headband. (Oh My Word, the 100 paw print stickers were a "hit"! I loved watching my students to see how some meticulously arranged their stickers in a pattern, while others lined them up in neat rows, and others simply threw them on as quickly as possible with no rhyme or reason.)

We did several different 100th day center rotations. I created a few 100th day "dog" related activities but used a few cutie patootie items from Donna Glynn and Faith Wheeler. Thanks Ladies!!!

Then our parents arrived for our "Hot Diggity Dog" Celebration.
Our Menu
hot dogs
corn chips
baked beans
macaroni salad
and our treat "puppy chow"
I have some "creative" parents!!!

I created small treat boxes for my kiddos to remember the day. (I definitely have to give my son a HUGE shout out- he graciously (okay with some a lot of whining) went to several craft and party supply stores helping me search for doggy related trinkets.

We had a "Hot Diggity" Good Time Friday. I can't wait to celebrate the next milestone.


  1. Wow, Melissa! Thanks for sharing such great 100th day ideas. I'm going to store them away for next year. We had our kiddos dress up - it was a hoot!

    Teaching Little Miracles

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