Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love, Hearts, and a Mustache Party Oh My!!!!

Well, today was the day I couldn’t wait for. I got to give my “sweeties” their Valentine’s. I couldn’t wait to get out of bed this morning and get to school. I blogged about my wild crayon adventure in a previous post. {Click Here} Even though it was a bit time consuming, trust me… Seeing their faces was worth every bit of it.

{What’s a little time when you “color” someone’s world?}

I bagged them in clear cello bags and added a cute tag. Since this is my “first” official year in a classroom, I decided that “you’ve made my year more colorful” fit perfectly!!!

val tag val cray

We made these adorable Valentine Boxes. I got the idea from Mrs. Morrow at Mrs. Morrow’s Kindergarten. I tweaked her cutie patootie boxes by adding a “marbleized heart” and a “glitter” mustache.  I really loved how these turned out and they were super simple to make.

Untitledval box heartsThe marbleized heart idea came from The Muffin Tree. I gathered all the supplies. (shaving cream, food coloring, popsicle sticks, aluminum pans, cookie sheets, plastic table clothes, and scrappers (I used heavy duty cardstock)

heart ivStep One: Put some shaving cream into pan. 


Step Two: Add a few drops of food coloring. (We worked on fair share a fair share project so this was a great time to partner the students up. They each took turns adding colors.)


Step Three: Using popsicle sticks, students ran them up and down, across, and etc to get a swirl effect.


Step Four: Sorry no picture. Students placed their paper into the “shaving cream” mixture, patted it down, and then pulled it out. (Yuck right!!)


Step Five: Now for the magic. Simply scrap off the excess shaving cream.


Step Six: Gorgeous Marbleized Paper.


We let the papers dry overnight then we traced and cut out a “heart” image and glued them down onto a foam heart.

val ii

These were so fun! It was a bit messy. Make sure to cover your tables, desks, work areas with plastic table clothes. I will definitely be doing this again in the future. I am already thinking about Spring and Fall.

Well, I could stop there. When I stopped at Mrs. Morrow’s I saw the precious “flower” bouquets and I adored them. I knew I had to make them for my parents. I gathered all the supplies. (scrapbook paper, chenille stems, straws, heart punch, plastic cups, and tissue paper)


I forgot to take a picture, but one of my parents took this. A little smashed but you get the idea. Traveling on the bus home can be detrimental to flowers. (LOL)


Here is another picture. This one looks like it may have traveled better!! We also made cards for our “precious” Valentine’s (see right side of photo).

bouquet ii

After our “Valentine Exchange”. Alright all I can say is overwhelmed and completely speechless with the plethora of gifts, candy, etc. I was showered with today. Here is a snippet of a few things from my “groovy” kids. I should have taken a picture of my desk too. All I can say is “truly blessed’.

 val party

We headed down to our “party” One of my parents made these cute invitations for the kids.


We made mustache shirts. We all adorned “fake” mustaches on our lips. Well, some of my kiddos got a little mustache crazy and had them everywhere. I had visions of my kids in the future as parents. 


We played a “cool” mustache game and even had a photo booth.

We feasted on heart shaped pizza, Jell-O, and took home some “sweet” Valentine mix. We had “mustache” theme water bottles and straws. Let me just saw my parents thought of everything. Not sure how many different ways you can say amazing, but they always throw awesome parties.


Mustache & Red Lip Straw Combo (20) - Die Cut Mustaches (10) and Lips (10) - photo prop party decoration punch cutout card stock

mustache water

Sorry for the “LONG” post but I wanted to share my amazing day with you. I tried to take pictures, but I know I missed a few things along the way. If you have any questions or need anything clarified~ just send me a note.

Hope you had a fabulous day with your “sweethearts”!! I know I did. Now it’s off to bed with visions of love, hearts, and mustaches dance in my head.

Sweet Dreams!!

Always, Melissa

P.S. Feel free to pin any images from this post!!


  1. You NEVER need to apologize for a post like this, Melissa! What a TOTAL blast it was to read! :) Thanks for sharing...and I'd say you color their world, too!
    Smiles - Lisa Mattes
    Growing Firsties

  2. Wow! So many great ideas!!! I am loving it all--- especially how adorable your colorful crayon Valentine's turned out, the super cool Valentine art, and the Valentine crafty flowers. Definitely keeping it in mind for next year. Thanks for sharing!

    Lovely Literacy & More

  3. I am LOVING your Marbled Heart art project! (printing this out now so I can use it for Mother's Day!) I can't believe I am just now finding you but I am so glad I did! Happy to be your newest follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe
    Celebrate and Join my 100th Follower Ultimate Giveaway: Skype Author Visit!

  4. What a great post, I am pinning, pinning, pinning!!!!! I'm hosting a linky for people to share their Valentine's Day pictures, I'd love for you to link up this post if you have time. Enjoy your long weekend.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  5. I absolutely love the crayons. The marble hearts turned out beautifully :) Looks like a super fun day!

  6. Those hearts are gorgeous! I love how the kiddos had to work in partners, too~great skills being practiced!

  7. Excellent post. I’m going through a few of these issues as well..

  8. Hi!

    I'm thinking of making the crayons for the last day of school. How did you get the names to fit in the bags so nicely?




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