Friday, February 22, 2013

The latest “scoop”

Well, it was a crazy Friday, as usual. It all started out with a two-hour delay due to some early morning sleet, but we jumped right in and began our weekly assessments. After a full day of assessments, we had our weekly “Fun Friday” activity. This week, we had a chippy taste test. I recently saw a television commercial for Lay’s promoting three new potato chip flavors. Well, with the two-delay I figured it was a great opportunity to stop and grab all three flavors. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. After seven different stops, I was able to find and purchase all three flavors for our classroom taste test.


I figured the easiest way to give the students a chance to taste all three flavors would be to section off a paper plate and mark it A, B, and C. I created a simple ballot for the students to mark their selection. (see below)

I promoted each flavor by giving them a auditory description.

Flavor A: Cheesy Garlic Bread (a mild cheese and garlic taste)

Flavor B: Sriracha (a chili pepper taste)

Flavor C: Chicken & Waffles (fried chicken and sweet syrup taste)

After all the samples were passed out. (each student got two chips to taste for each flavor) The taste test began. It was quite funny to watch them and listen to their descriptions of the three chip varieties.



The results were tallied and the winner by a landslide was Sriracha. The students loved the taste and raved about the chili pepper flavor. Our second place winner was Cheesy Garlic Bread. The students who liked this said they “love” to eat garlic bread. They said the taste was very mild and yummy. Our third place winner was Chicken and Waffles. Most of the students said at first it was good then they got a weird taste in their mouth. Hmmmmmmmmm


Well, the voters from Mrs. Freshwater’s Class have spoken and our vote will be for Lay’s to add “SRIRACHA” to their vast array of flavors already available. We want to wish all three contestants “good luck” on their pursuit to win a million bucks. (Wow, think of all the smelly markers, dry erase boards, and etc we could buy to stock our classroom.)

Have a great weekend!!!

Always, Melissa


  1. What a fun activity for a Friday! My mind wheels were turning when I was reading through this post of all the yummy taste tests I could bring into the classroom. Thanks for sharing such a delicious idea!


  2. I agree....what a great idea for Fun Friday! I need to spice up my Fun Friday stuff. . .Thank you for sharing the idea!

    Primary Inspired

  3. You are dedicated...I would have given up after one stop! Is chicken and waffles a regional thing? I grew up in the midwest and chicken and waffles never made an appearance together.

    Sriracha sounds good, though!

  4. Fun activity! The idea of a chicken waffle potato chip grosses me out!

  5. Melissa, I know you are very busy but was just wondering if Unit 5 for SF First Grade reading series is almost done. You had mentioned that you were going to work on it. I love your products!



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