Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to You

How do you celebrate birthdays in your classroom? Do you go all out or do you keep them tame and mild. I love to celebrate birthdays and try my best to make the day special for my kiddos. Last year, I created my polka dot birthday d├ęcor packet because I couldn’t find anything that matched my theme. I added some additional things for my kiddos and thought I need to update my packet and share them with you too!! {Click Picture Below to head over to “Operation Cupcake: my old blog post}


Some updates I made to the packet include

Rectangular Pencil Flags (by popular request) My original packet had cupcake shaped toppers but many wanted something easy to cut. ( I love to cut and you can often find me in front of the t.v. with scissors in hand watching my favorite t.v. shows)

pencil flag

My Polka Dotted Birthday Bag Tags

Add these adorable tags to your birthday goodies for your kiddos. My birthday bags included a jumbo cupcake shape eraser, glo-stick bracelets, and a cupcake paint yourself sun-catcher. We have a “strict” no sweets rule so I knew I had to make my birthday goodie bags extra special and sweet.


Cupcake Gift Booklet

These booklets were a huge hit with my kiddos all year. I actually got this idea from another teacher (Thanks JC)in my building who gives out a certificate for “free” drinks to her kiddos on their birthday. I always loved the idea, but thought I would add a few more coupons to “sweeten” the pot. The cupcake booklet included a few coupons for them to utilize immediately or throughout the year. In the packet I included several coupons, but I randomly selected 5-6 coupons per cupcake. These cost nadda and the kiddos “loved” them. Once the first kiddo gets their cupcake booklet, the others will begin counting down the days until their birthday.


I also added birthday badges a.k.a stickers and birthday balloons to the updated packet.

Head on over to my TPT shop and snag it up or if you are one of the lucky ones who already purchased just go re-download the newest version.


Always, Melissa


P.S. Tell me how you make your kiddos feel special on their birthday!!


  1. Birthdays are a fun time for us in our classroom!! we start by announcing their birthday over the intercom for the whole school to know. The office staff gives them a sticker and pencil for their birthday! In the room we celebrate with cupcakes/cookies and juice! WE all sing happy birthday to the special birthday boy/girl. They get a prize out of our prize box, 2 tokens for their token stash and this year they'll receive a curly straw with happy birthday balloon and a choice of beanie baby! At lunch when the student punches in their lunch number it tells them HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The whole class loves birthday celebrations!

  2. This is SUCH a cute pack! I guess I'm a bad teacher, I only give my kids a birthday balloon with a pixie stick attached. I used to do a whole lot of different things throughout a student's birthday week, but it got to be where I didn't have enough and I forgot to do certain things. This pack is so cute, it inspires me to possibly find a happy medium between doing 1 tiny thing and doing everything. :) Thanks!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)



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