Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let the Creating Begin


Summer is in full swing, but school is right around the corner. It’s hard to believe it will be happening (for me at least) in a few weeks. The stores have begun putting out all of their supplies. ( Some stores are already picked over- How can that be???) Oh the supplies all aligned in tidy little rows gets me every time. With all the supplies being put out, I figured it was time to begin creating some of the numerous things I have pinned this year. Oh My Word there are so many awesome ideas, but never enough time. When searching and pinning, I try to think about what I already have in my craft storage.   I won’t even show you a picture. It is way too embarrassing. Can you just say mini-craft store. I guess that is a tad bit acceptable due to the fact  I owned a craft and collectibles shop for about ten years. It all begin innocently!!! My mom and I started creating wreaths and wooden crafts to sell at local craft shows when my son was younger. That small business snowballed into opening a gift shop. (My mom had finally fulfilled her life-long dream!!) We had a great ten year run with Spare Thyme Creations, but like they say “all good things must come to an end”.  Life always throws in a few curve balls and you must say good-bye and move forward. I do miss the store and all the customers, (we met some wonderful people over the years!!) but one bonus. Having a wide array of craft things to use at my disposal. What does one do with all that stuff???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Creating Some Classroom Goodies…

Well, one thing that drove me absolutely buggy last year was my classroom library. I loved how organized it was (Thanks Mom!!) but I had a few kiddos that would go through the books, but they never returned them to their proper bin. (grrrrr) My motto is a misplaced book is a “lost” book. Even with endless modeling some kids are just a “hot mess” and have no understanding of the words organized, tidy, neat, etc.

While, enjoying a summer evening, I ran across this picture on pinterest from Julie of Light a Fire Blog. Let’s just say, the light bulb went off!!!


I knew immediately this was something I had to add to my classroom for the 2013-2014 school year!!! I already use student number sticks, but wanted to create something that could be stored in the library and that students could easily grab when searching for a book.

Making Student Numbered Sticks

Step One: Gather Supplies

supplies for library numbers

Step Two: Print Out Numbers (I created a few different packs and plan to create a few more. I did make one pack simply using different black and white backgrounds and the glitter paper and placed if for free in my TPT store. (See the picture below to snag it up!!)


Step Three: Trim up your paper. I opted to cut these out using a circular hole punch (2.5” in diameter) Oh My Goodness I love these punches!!! Just can’t get enough!! I think I may have a shape punch addiction. I snagged this baby using a Michaels 40% off coupon!!! Wooo Hooo I love Michael’s. Did you know they have a teacher discount?? Simply show them your school id at the checkout!!!

 lib 3

Step Four: Punch Punch Punch

lib 2

Step Five: Laminate!!! I opted to cut and then laminate and cut again. You could probably save yourself a step and laminate the sheets first then cut.

lib 4

Step Six: Glue your numbers onto sticks. I had these XL popsicle sticks in a bin so I decided to use them.

lib 5

Step Seven: Place in a container!! I am going to use a labeled coffee can to store my sticks in the library. (This isn’t the can, but gives you a rough idea.)






In my TPT Shop for $1.00







Always, Melissa


  1. I made library sticks last year, and they are great for keeping the library organized!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I love this idea! I tried using paint sticks last year, and they would just place a generic stick in where they took out a book. Failed miserably. But this way, with their own # on it, they will have more accountability! Thanks so much!

  3. Where did you get your green, pink and blue baskets? I love those colors!!!



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