Monday, August 5, 2013

Made it Monday 8-5-13

Last week on Instagram, I shared a snippet of something I was creating. I have an overage of scrap booking supplies in my storage room and I am determined to use up some of the supply before my big move. (This is a “small glimpse”, I am too afraid to show you the whole thing. (Oh My Goodness!! Sorry for the mess… I have been digging through my inventory looking for more B/W paper. Plus that adorable German Shepard my son adopted and brought home thinks my storage room is his “safe haven”. He finds comfort sleeping with my craft supplies and shoes.)


Last year, I created those adorable glittered clothes pins you see popping up everywhere! I added a strip of magnetic tape and my kiddos used them to hang their behavior sticker charts. Well, needless to say they drove me insane... Yes, I addict I am a bit (ok very OCD) about things staying in tact. Those clips were everywhere and every which way especially when one of my sweeties shut the locker or walked past with their ginormous bags. ( BTW when did those bags get so big?) This summer I was determined to come up with an idea... I thought about mini chalkboards ( too expensive and too heavy) pieces of wood ( hmmm will have to paint) then the idea hit.... BINGO- scrapbook paper.

Everyone knows I love black and white. It has always been in my classroom decor ( except for the one year -I had a pink/brown fetish)


I knew I wanted to use black and white and pops of color!!

I gathered my paper. I opted for dots and stripes.


I measured my reward charts. (Standard size 5x6) I started out by making a template. (Yes, I am old school.) It's all about trial and error right!


After I had everything mapped out size wise, I began cutting!! It was done in less than 5 minutes. Next, I warmed up the laminator while I began tacking the pieces in place with a small dab of glue. ( I used a glue stick. I was only wanted to tack the pieces in place to hold during lamination.) Then, I went to town laminating.


I had some extra space so I added my birthday tags to the button. ( I hate wasting lamination) you can head over to my TPT shop to snag up the birthday tags for free.

tags birthday 1

( They are editable so you can add your name or your kiddos names!) Next, I cut, hot glued a black clothespin, and added a wide strip of magnetic tape to the back.


I am super excited about these reward chart holders for my lockers.


This week I also made my BTS welcome gift.There seems to be some controversy about B2S gifts. I am a giver- do not receive as well as I give. I have always been that way. (Guess years of growing up watching my momma!) I saw these smencils at Michael's.

(Yes, I am one of those scent infatuated people!)

I whipped up a round label


and grabbed some ribbon from my stash. (Yes, I have a stash of ribbon too. Maybe I should post a picture of my “store room” literally looks like a mini Michael’s.)

 clip 4

Bam- I have an adorable gift for the first day!!


I just added these to my TPT shop  if you want to snag them up!!



Well, the creating has just begun from me... Stay tuned for more Fun, Fresh and Polka Dot Ideas!! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram or bloglovin'!!



  1. Super cute! We did Smencils last year as a fundraiser and the kids LOVED them. I might need to do that for birthdays. Hmmmm.



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