Monday, November 4, 2013

Goodness Gracious it’s November…

Oh my, I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by. I have a nice little center system going. I was trying to change my centers weekly, but this little gal just couldn’t keep up with it all. I opted to do ten different centers and my kiddos do a center a day, but it takes my sweeties two weeks to go through the centers. One thing I decided was to reinforce my past weeks skills. I feel this was one of the best decisions I have made because my kiddos are learning new skills during our weekly lessons, but they are practicing older skills during our center time. I only have 30 minutes ( yes, you read correctly) in my jam-packed day to complete my rotations, that’s why I opted for only one rotation a day, five per week. At first, I grouped my kiddos in small groups and only had five centers, but the noise levels were way too much for this teacher. After reading several different blogs, I opted to try the pair grouping. Thus far,this seems to be working rather nicely. My only group of four is my intervention kiddos (they normally leave the room, but if an interventionist  is absent, they simply join in the center rotations).

For the first two weeks of November we will be doing centers focused around a Veterans Day theme. My boys were very excited to see all the military themed activities. I have some real military lovers this year.

Here is a snippet of my Veterans Day centers. I have eight different centers in this packet and then I do two different spelling centers. I use spelling sheets from Rachelle Smith's 1-2-3 Spell with Me Packet. Oh My….. I love this pack!!! This helps my kiddos practice their spelling words each week in a fun and engaging manner. (Thanks Rachelle)


You can snag up my Love, Honor, Remember Veterans Day Packet at my TPT store.

Hope you enjoy


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