Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Spellers

One thing I have been trying to reinforce this year is spelling word practice. I know not all of my kiddos have the opportunity to practice their words every night. As I stated in an earlier blog post, I have begun implementing daily centers during my intervention time. I have a total of ten centers and I have “paired” my students. It takes two weeks for us to go through our centers. I have two centers that help to reinforce our weekly spelling words and phonics skill.  I have been using Rachelle Smith’s adorable 1-2-3 Spell with me!

123 Spell with Me!

After using this set for the past 9 weeks, I noticed some of my kiddos were a bit restless so I began searching for a few new ideas to “mix” things up a bit.

I found this cute freebie by Jen Ross of The Teacher’s Cauldron it covers two things spelling practice and money counting!!! (LOVE IT!!)

What's Your Word Worth? Freebie

My kiddos are very “hands-on” this year and seem to need multi-steps in order to stay focused and on-task during centers. They also love anything to do with “artsy” things. Okay, it’s probably my fault. I love anything that is colored or scented. (i.e., pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc.) I decided to help “spice” up my two spelling centers by creating a few “artsy” things to help them enjoy the “dreaded spelling centers. (I uploaded these to my TPT store for FREE. Just click on one of the pictures below to head on over and download the packet.)

Spell 1


Who doesn’t love a dice game?? The students will roll a number cube/dice to determine what color they will write their spelling word. I included three different styles. Simply print onto cardstock, laminate and add to your center basket. I have included recording sheets for 10 words, 12 words, and 15 words. (Please note this is a “freebie”. I hope you could make use of these three different styles.) I print mine front/back for my early finishers. Extra practice never hurt anyone.






Pencil, Pen, Marker

This is a “fun” activity that keeps the kiddos busy for a little bit. Key for PPM “neatness” counts. You always have a few students who think finishing first is the winning ticket, but I stress neatness and will even reward a sticker or smelly stamp for a neat PPM paper. I plan on adding my “famous” labeled tin cans  filled with pencils, colored pens, and markers  to my center baskets. I needed a PPM that fit all 15 of our weekly spelling words, that’s why I created this page.


Write It! Stamp It!

My kiddos “love” to use stampers. I thought this would be a great way for them to stay active and practice their weekly word lists. For this activity the students will write the word first and then they will stamp the word. ( I may through one of the colorful word activities in with this center too.)


I picked up a bunch of alphabet letters stampers at the Target Dollar Spot. Oh how I love you!!


Well, I am off to work my Thanksgiving Center Packet. With some luck I will have it posted by tomorrow morning. I am super excited about this packet. It feels great to be creating again.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Always, Melissa


  1. So many cute ideas for practicing spelling!

    Fun In First

  2. love all these spelling activities! And thank you for the shout out!



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