Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time to be thankful…

Good Evening!! I know everyone is getting ready for the “big” feast tomorrow.  With all of the hustle and bustle that will be happening in the next few weeks, I just wanted to take a minute and just say, “Thank You". You have all been a true blessing and inspiration to me over the last few years. Thank you all for the all of the warm and kind emails. Your words have been truly inspiring. I am trying to get back into the swing of centers. I have been so busy updating my second grade reading street supplemental packets that my holiday center creations have taken a backseat. I have been carrying around “my notebook” and have been making plans for December and January. I just completed my first holiday packet  Santa’s Lil Helper and am super excited to share it with you. 


This packet includes 12 centers ( 6 ELA and 6 Math)

Literacy Centers

•Reindeer Round-Up (ABC Order)

•Santa’s Sack (Common and Proper Nouns)

• Peppermint Punctuation (Punctuation)

•Contraction Cookies (Contractions)

•Nutcracker Nouns (Noun Sort)

•Past, Present& Future Presents (Verb Tense)

Math Centers

•Candy Cane Counting (Skip Counting 2,5,10)

•Stocking Sums (double Digit Addition)

•Waiting for Santa (Time)

•Cocoa Counting (Money)

•Elf Mischief (Base ten counting & greater than, less than)

Merry Measurement (Measurement)

I included a full size center title- I put these on  10x13 catalog envelopes prior to laminating. I place copies of my  recording sheets in the envelopes then put inside my center baskets along with laminated cards. My kiddos know they “read” the directions first prior to completing the center.  Once my centers are finished, I simply place the laminated center pieces inside the laminated envelope, seal and store until next year. I purchased these adorable file/ store bins from walmart. I have my centers and themed activities in them for each month. So far it seems to be a good system. I do not have a lot of storage at school therefore I grab the box I need take it to school for the month and then swap them out. I just brought home my November box, but need to begin getting my December box filled and ready for next month. My goal over the break- to complete my December centers. I have this packet printing as we speak- I guess it’s time to fire up the Scotch laminator. I am “thankful” I stocked up on my laminating sheets at Sam’s Club. Oh my word…. I wonder how many boxes I buy every year…

Stay Tuned… for my new GINGERBREAD Set!! I am super excited about this set. It is too cute for words.

girl face gb (c) melonheadz 13 colored

Always, Melissa

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  1. Please tell me I entered your contest! I've been trying to help friends do it all day!



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