Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Centers Galore and a whole lot more

The school year seems to be flying by… I can’t believe it is November already. Before you know it…It’ll be summer again and my feet will be loving “flip flop” season. Well, I have to admit, I am becoming a “boot” lover too!! Have you been to Marshall’s lately? Boots Galore and so much more. I get sucked into the boot display every time. Well, enough about shoes. I could have an entire blog devoted to them!!

My firsties are really doing amazing during our skill station rotations (a.k.a centers)!! I complete two different skill stations daily- one 30 minute session for literacy and another 30 minute rotation for math.  My kiddos work with their table partners for centers, but I call back my leveled groups during. (For example student A,B,C,and D may be working on Literacy Station A but only student C leaves first, then student A & D, then finally student B for leveled Reading group time). I know this sounds confusing, but it really does work.

At the beginning of my skill stations, I was only making one set of cards and quickly realized this was NOT going to work with the students coming and going into the center activity. I solved the problem rather quickly. I opted to print multiple pages at a time (4 pages per sheet). This allows me to make mini center cads. I print them onto 5 different colors of cardstock, cut, and put them into snack size baggies. (See Below)

 I store my centers in Ikea Trofast tubs!! I have to admit, I am obsessed with these systems. I just wish they made the black in a few more styles and options!

Here is a pic of my skill station set-up (Excuse the mountain dew- some days are rough with those firsties!)

I have just begun to make my Long Vowel Word Work Centers! I have A, I, O and U completed!! E will be up soon!

Click on the image below to check them out!



Last week, we worked on our Veteran’s Day Tribute. We learned all about Veteran’s Day and completed a fun craftivity. I posted an image on instagram and my email started blowing up. I promise to have a pattern posted soon as a freebie on my tpt store. This was a labor of love!! My kiddos adore painting so it was definitely worth the mess.

Step One: Sponge Painting

Step Two: Assembly

Step Three: Attach Writing

Step Four: Display for Veteran’s Day Tribute

My mom even loved these cuties and used them for her Woman’s Club Placemats. Thanks Mom!!

I hoped the ladies loved them!!

Always, Melissa

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