My Classroom

Here are a few pictures of my 2012-2013 "PEACE THEME" Classroom
Welcome to my classroom
This is the outside of my doorway and my Where are we sign
The inside of my door: I love my pinterest inspired "In the Room" Board.
My kiddos LOVE THIS!!!!
Here is a shot from the back of the room
I saw this saying at Ms. Fultz's Corner- I loved it!!
Dare to Dream it Work to Achieve it
The peace sign are from Hobby Lobby (Alittle bit of spray paint and glitter)
The Alphabet was created on my Cricut. I used it for almost everything in my room
Here is a view from the back of my room (pre-decorating)
I created my number line with the help of my mom (Oh My What a task!!)
Used my cricut and hobby lobby paper
2nd grade is the Grooviest (Love this!!!!)

As you can see my Reading Focus wall is up. I have never seen this at my school, but LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I add the story elements every week. It is a great visual and reference tool for everyone including me!!!

This is my closet door. I decided it was a great place to hang my job chart a.k.a "Hippie Helpers" The polka dot job title pieces can be found on my tpt store. I added a piece of "glitter" paper to jazz things up. Okay I think I have a fetish with glitter paper. (Ok I don't think I know- there I said it!!!!)
The small clear plastic bins are command bins- I have a fetish for anything command. I think I own stock in the company. Love those removable hooks & strips.

Here are my refurbished shleves with my polka curtains (Thanks Mom)
This has changed a bit as I have since added drawer bins for spelling and math activities
 (What to do when through)
The glittered signs I made using melonheadz clipart, posterboard, and glitter.

My classroom library
The bookshelves at the end of my rows

Near library
Baskets for agenda, misc papers
Finished work
Dry Erase Boards
Pivacy Boards
Pencil Tins
Grader Markers



  1. Could you please show and tell how you organized and found all the things for your rock & roll / sock hop theme classroom. I would be more than greatful. Kay

  2. Where did you find your bookshelves at the end of your rows? I have been looking everywhere for shelves just like it!

  3. @Katie, I have some shelves like that that I found at Walmart for less than $20. I had to assemble them, so look for a flat-ish box in the "furniture" section.

  4. Where did you get your book baskets from? I love the colors!

  5. Hi Melissa!

    I wanted to come visit your blog after you visited mine! I was thrilled to have you as a follower! I love the colors of your room - brights are my cheery and happy! You are so organized! I am glad to have found your blog!

    Kate :)
    Visit McDee's Busy Bees Blog



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