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  1. I am so fond of your Reading Street selection work but cannot find them to purchase. Where do I find them?

  2. I just found them! Thanks for offering them Melissa! I LOVE the activities you have designed! <3

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I'm clueless on the whole blogging thing but NEED, NEED, NEED two things, the first which I'd gladly pay for...
    1. on the TPT site freebie supply labels...I want to type other items on your blank page 8. IS THIS AN OPTION? IF SO HOW? IF NOT, WILL YOU make them for a fee? What is the font...I'll print clear mailing labels with the items, then stick them on the blanks.. WHATEVER I HAVE TO DO!!!!
    2. WHERE did you find/buy BLACK clothespins??? SO cool.

    Thanks for ANY help you can offer.

    Leslie Huskins (grade 8 literacy)



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